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Data mining technique and its benefit

Data Mining is the process of extracting useful information and patterns from enormous data. It includes collection, extraction, analysis and statistics of data. It is also know as Knowledge discovery process, Knowledge Mining from Data or data/ pattern analysis. It is a logical process of finding useful information to find out useful data. Data mining tools can give answers to your various questions related to your business which was too difficult to resolve. They also forecast the future trends which lets the business people to make proactive decisions.

Data mining involves three steps. They are

  • Exploration – In this step the data is clear and convert into another form. The nature of data is also determine
  • Pattern Identification – The next step is to choise the pattern which will make the best prediction
  • Deployment – The identified patterns are use to get the desired outcome.

Benefits of Data Mining

  • Automated prediction of trends and behaviors
  • It can  implement on new systems as well as existing platforms
  • It can analyze huge database in minutes
  • Automated discovery of hidden patterns
  • There are a lot of models available to understand complex data easily
  • It is of high speed which makes it easy for the users to analyze huge amount of data in less time
  • It yields improved predictions