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Difference Between Laravel and WordPress In Website Perspective:

Laravel is a functionally strong PHP framework and WordPress is a CMS that aids in on the go building of the website. There are a lot of companies which use the CMS platforms like WordPress, Drupal or similar compared to using a framework like Laravel, Codeigniter, Symphony or any other. Using CMS platforms as such helps you to develop the site as per the respective needs. To put it simply, Laravel is a framework – where you can build entire applications – even your own CMS like WordPress. While WordPress, is already build, and all one can do are plugins and themes for it.

WordPress are easy and great to setup as one can have their own website with a lot of functions and features with in few hours as per the requirements. Laravel is one PHP framework which is the best and most human logic framework for creating a website. While creating simple websites, people usually stick with using WordPress. It has everything you need and more built into the core functionality, and is readily extendable.

Laravel has a much higher memory requirement than WordPress and The best Laravel powered CMS is October CMS. WordPress is very slow unless you add in some caching plugins, whereas Laravel has build in caching which makes it faster.

Advantages of Laravel:

  1. Laravel is an open source framework of PHP that follows MVC (Model View Control) model. Laravel also provides design, components and tools for developer to make advanced web applications quicker.
  2. Laravel application framework has become one of the most well-known PHP frameworks and has shown authoritative superiority over different platforms. One primary reason behind this exponential rise is the ease at which the developers were able to use it.
  3. Laravel comes with several built-in resources that improves and updates all the popular tasks. Essential functions like verification, routing, and caching and may more are built into the framework.

 Advantages of WordPress:

  1. Themes allow you to change the design of your website quickly.
  2. Plugins allow you to extend the functionality of your WordPress site without knowing how to program.
  3. They are easy to update.

So, if you are looking for a completely customized solution that another programmer can take over and easily extend Laravel is a smart choice. Otherwise, wordpress can be preferred as it will be quicker to set up and you will be able to manage your website and contents very easily.