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Amazing soft has been a leading software company in Bangladesh since 2008. We provide IT related solution.  We also Develop Dynamic web Application Software, SEO, Domain hosting and Graphics design services.

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Why is it important to study web technology?

Almost all the activities we do today can be completed through the Internet. We can work, entertain and communicate through web platforms. It is not surprising then that most businesses, companies and stores want to position themselves in the online market.In short: if money can travel on the Internet, it is very important to educate ourselves in web technology to access it and ensure our future.This is the first subject of our Master in Digital Marketing , which we promised to talk about in our previous post.

How does Web Technology work?

The web is not an individual entity as we like to think, it is a set of varied files intertwined with each other, which can be accessed through a virtual interface that connects these files with users.

This web technology is called hypertext and thanks to it, it is not necessary to see all that content sequentially, but we land directly on the information that interests us. Now millions of people around the world are able to connect simultaneously to share information and knowled


From the user’s perspective , using the browser, the person finds a nice intuitive web page that shows him the ordered and easy-to-read information that he can later comment or share on his networks.

But from the perspective of the programmer the scheme is totally different and extremely complex. They are the ones who must organize through programming languages such as HTML or CSS a set of rules of behavior that include the smallest details so that the user can navigate with complete comfort without knowing anything of what is hidden behind.

Advantages of learning web programming language in digital marketing

If you are able to master the concepts and codes of web technology , then you have gone half way to become a true expert in digital marketing . This will help you to build web pages, 

create advertising banne

rs, schedule professional email marketing campaigns, use analysis tools and manage ads in search engines and social networks.

And talking about ads … In our next post we will talk about another subject you can find in the Master in Digital Marketing : the use of Adwords and Facebook Ads .