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Necessary of Software Quality Assurance Testing Service

Software Quality Assurance Testing Service is a process that ensures quality in the entire software development process. In this blog,we would like to talk about the importance of conducting software testing and how it reflects on the internal development processes.

Why do you need QA?

A Quality Assurance system helps a company identify weaknesses and inconsistencies in the service or production at any project stage. It is a complex activity that has its place within the software development process. Quality assurance is most effective when implemented from the very beginning.

What is the main purpose of QA and how it helps during the process?

Software QA consists of ways to control software engineering processes and methods used to ensure quality. It has been proven effective to prevent system failures and reduce costs on the whole development process. The Software Quality Assurance process encompasses different activities and helps in:

  1. Growing confidence in the system
    2. Preventing weaknesses and defects
    3. Providing comprehensive information about the level of quality
    4. Defining the process requirements
    5. Testing the system’s usability and operability
    6. Providing an understanding between contractor and customer
    7. All in all, software quality assurance is implemented to ensure that the final product complies with set requirements and standards.