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PHP Framework for Website Development.

PHP Framework:

Websites have become more complex and demanding over time. On the plus side, they now deliver far more value than they used to in yesteryears. As most developers will tell you, PHP frameworks are the go-to creation tools that give life to those sites, and as a result, almost 80% of the web pages on the internet are backed by PHP frameworks


Laravel is currently one of the most popular PHP frameworks used by core businesses for developing rich web apps. This is one of the top web development frameworks that comes with restful routing and some brilliant and innovative features for development.


Symfony is currently the most scalable and one of the best PHP framework. This is also one of the web development frameworks that helps in faster creation of  a web application, along with its simple maintenance of a website.

It provides the advantage for other components like Templating, Translation, Validator, Form Config and more which makes it one of the top PHP frameworks.

Zend Framework:

This is one of the very lightweight & popular PHP frameworks that is fully featured. The version 3 of this framework is now available, with new major improvements.It is easy to learn and also provides various online training programmes. The USP of this framework is the consistency in design and an object oriented programming.

Cake PHP:

This is one of the easiest & one of the best PHP frameworks to learn currently. It’s a PHP CRUD Framework (‘create, read, update and delete’) which is one of the most popular aspect of this framework .Some of its other intresting features include- session, cookie, request handling, e-mail and security.


Codeigniter, one of the popular PHP frameworks, currently available in its version 2.2.6. It comes with simplified documentation.Some of the main features of this PHP framework include: nearly zero configuration, no large-scale monolithic libraries, compatibility with standard hosting, no restrictive coding rules, no need for template language etc.


Speed is the USP of these top PHP frameworks. This framework uses lesser memory and the time request is faster when compared with other PHP frameworks.

Yii Framework:

This lightweight PHP framework is known for its easy installation process and can be easily extended. In this framework, PHP integrates with CodeCeption which is a popular testing framework.This allows faster web application development and testing.


This is one of the top PHP frameworks which is written in PHP 5.3.  It uses a Cascading File Effect.It’s mian advantages are- RESTful implementation, HMVC implementation, URL routing system, form and data validation, vulnerability protection and caching system.


In search of a PHP framework that enables you to quickly write simple yet powerful web applications and application programming interfaces (APIs)? Say hello to Slim. Slim is a PHP micro framework and is minimalist in design. Thus, it’s excellent for small web applications where a full-stack PHP framework is not really needed.

Furthermore, it’s used by many PHP developers to develop RESTful APIs and web services. It’s packed with rich features like URL routing, client-side HTTP caching, session and cookie encryption, etc.