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Required Skills for Website Development

Web development is a flexible professional field, one that affords prospective students multiple ways to gain the training and experience necessary to begin their careers. Below is an overview of skills for website development.


The first skill one needs to master for being a web developer is programming. Many languages exist for different aims, but you need to know at least a few of them to be able to code a website.

HTML is the standardized markup language to create documents on the web, in other words to format the content on the webpage. This includes titles, headings, text and links. It is the most common and basic language used in website development.

CSS, which means Cascading Style Sheets, is a language paired with HTML to allow a programmer to set the webpage style. Here we mean layout, colors, and fonts. These elements are kept separate from the main webpage code.

JavaScript is the solution for animation, games, apps, and interactivity on a website. All dynamic effects on a site are created via this programming language. There are more languages like PHP, Perl, ASP.Net, Python, Ruby, pick what is the most interesting and useful for yourself.

2. Learning

Learn the basics but be always hungry for more’ – this principle describes many professions, and web development particularly. Web developers will be of interest for potential employers when he knows a lot, can create whatever website or application, is able to fix bugs, can be unique and creative.


Testing is a big part of the website development process, which is not only coding and design alone. A web developer is a tester to a certain extent. Before giving the final product (i.e. website) to your client, make sure everything is done properly.

4. Basic Knowledge of Design

A developer is not the same as a designer, but design skills are useful and helpful to developers in their everyday work, and awareness of development is helpful for a designer.

5. Understanding Common Security Attacks and How to Prevent Them

Web development is a many-sided profession: he is a programmer, tester,designer and he is a security provider. Security skills are indispensable when creating a website. You need to be ready for any security attack and know how to provide a safe solution for it.

6. Image Resizing and Effects

In most cases developers rely on designers for working with images. But basic knowledge of Photoshop and a few more programs can become a helpful skill. So the very minimum is: a developer of a website should be able to resize or crop an image, customize the colors, apply some effects like transparency.

7. Confidence

Confidence in what you are doing can help you to save time and spend it on something more important than millions of tests. Because when you are not sure of the quality of your work, you will check it again and again until your time for this project finishes. This is not just about the time, but emotional and professional feel.

8. Time Management and

Detailed Planning

You would definitely love to have some time to spend with friends or watch a good movie, but you don’t know how to assign it? The problem is that you can’t manage your time. Now, we will provide you with a few tips to learn how to plan your time and tasks:

  1. Set long-term goals as well as short-term.
  2. Plan tasks in detail to avoid re-planning.
  3. Make a to-do list to follow each day.
  4. Don’t shelve difficult tasks, break them into smaller pieces and do them straightaway.
  5. Discipline yourself, make your working hours consistent.
  6. Include time for rest in your schedule.