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Amazing soft has been a leading software company in Bangladesh since 2008. We provide IT related solution.  We also Develop Dynamic web Application Software, SEO, Domain hosting and Graphics design services.

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UI/UX and Its Importance:

User Interface (UI) Design:

UI (user interface) is the design will use for interface software design and for many other electrical devices. UI design generally refers to the drawing produced to show the appearance of a mobile app with a center of interest. UI design generally known as the graphical interfaces design. It can also make a mention of others as they are in natural and voice user interfaces.

User Experience (UX) Design:

People use the word UX, they generally make reference to a digital or technological product or service. UX (User experience) design is the process of designing the products and turns in to completely connected. This includes careful designs of both products functionality and the easy flexible feeling of consumers will derive from using it. It integrated with the total process of product insertion and including particular part of usability, designing, branding and all the functions.

 Importance of UI & UX:

The important of UI & UX for a web application, for a design of a website is a major factor that attracts many customers in the direction of it.

  • A beautiful UI and UX design for a website or web application will make greater in the amount of the average time of visitor spending.
  • Bounce rate will reduce automatically when you improve your UX.
  • A website with innovative designs of UI and UX can take a place a lot of traffic to the site.

UI & UX help in further improve the value the design of a website and if you are not using them then you are as a matter of fact missing out on something really effective and beneficial. It is good time to use UI & UX for a successful website.