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What is the different between free and paid WordPress theme?

Free themes VS  Premium Themes

In this post, I’ll discuss advantages and disadvantages between free themes and premium  themes of WordPress website so that you can decide which one is the best option to build your new project.

Theme Design:

Premium themes generally have a more time invested into the overall design.

Given you have to pay money, one would reasonably expect that the design of a premium theme overshadow that of most free themes. This is not to imply that some free themes are not well-designed, but simply that quality design is a requirement for a premium theme.

If you are a blogger or site owner who wants to portray an unique brand, then it is worth the money to purchase a premium theme. With premium themes, you’ll be getting themes that are designed with this in mind. Good design is a definite plus to maintain or attract visitors.

Theme Quality:

As with any software that requires payment, premium themes are usually well-coded and inherently of higher quality than free themes. This is due to various factors.

  • Sellers need to ensure their themes are bug-free otherwise buyers will ask for refunds or submit complaints
  • Sellers want to minimize the need for trouble-shooting so it’s in their best interest to eliminate all issues within the theme and constantly update them for new WordPress releases
  • Sellers that release low-quality themes will tarnish their reputation and consequently make less sales

When it comes to theme quality, premium themes are the way to go. There are certainly free themes, such as TwentyTen, that are also of high quality, stable and frequently maintained.

Security Considerations :

When using a free theme, it is a good idea to pay attention to the theme author’s updates.

Additionally, some free themes are released with good intentions, but the authors may not be as well-versed in coding standards as some premium theme authors. Hence, the potential for security issues is greater with free themes. At least with premium themes, one can rely (hopefully) on the theme support forums for updates or to ask questions related to such topics.

Theme Support :

Finally, almost all premium themes come with customer support normally in a forum.

This is a major difference as you have nowhere to turn to for questions when it comes to free themes. Most of the premium theme forums I visit are quite active, and the information provided is extremely helpful. This support is included as part of the theme purchase price.

It only makes sense that the time and effort required to run a forum and develop a premium theme be compensated to some extent.